Thing To Do In Laos

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Being a continental country endowed with many amazingly beautiful landscapes and ancient buildings, along with a long-lasting culture, tourists coming to Laos will have a chance to practice many interesting activities not only in big cities but also in ethnic minority villages.

-          Climb Mount Phousi

At the height of 150 metres above the centre of the town, Mount Phousi cuts a distinctive figure on the LuangPrabang skyline. If tourists visit Mount Phousi in the late afternoon, you can wath the sun set over Mekong River. From the summit, you can enjoy spectacular 360 degree outlook across the city and its many temples, and out over the surrounding landscape to the mountain in the distance.

-          Watch dolphin

Downstream from Don Khon, at the border between Laos and Cambodia, freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins frolic in a protected area of the Mekong. Boat trips to view the dolphins set off from Veun Kham and Don Khon.

-          Learn to cook

Lao is one of the most unique cuisines in the world. If you enjoy the flavours and textures of Lao food, spend a day learning to cook traditional Lao dishes. In addition, Lao chiefs will give you some receipts of special food in Laos

-          Ride an elephant.

Laos is known as a -million- elephant country, so it is a shortcoming when you travel Laos without riding an elephant. Let’s trek through the jungle on the back of an elephant to Tad Sae waterfall near LuangPrabang.

-          Visit temples.

In the beautiful country of Lao, there is a collection of the old French colonial architecture and numerous Buddhist wats and stupas. You shouldn’t hesitate to visit many of them and lean about their history.

-          Visit traditional weaving villages.

Ban Phanom is a famous village for traditional weaving for a long time. Visiting this village, you also have chance to purchase bargain- priced silk and embroideries.

-          Explore wildlife

Tourists can have a special experience stay in a tree house in Bokeo Nature Reserve, near HoayXai, and tavel through the forest canopy on zip wires where you night catch a glimpse of the illusive Black Gibbon.

-          Take part in Almsgiving

In the early morning pay a visit to the Morning Market in Vientiane where you will see lines of saffron-clad monks silently collecting alms from the local traders.

-          Sightsee Plain of Jars

Marvel at the mysterious Plain of Jars, near Phonsavan. Hundreds of stone jars, some weighing up to 6 tonnes, are scattered over the landscape. Legend says they were used to ferment rice wine in the sixth century to celebrate a victory in battle

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