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Coming with our Laos Biking Tours, you will have chance to experience the best way to explore the real Laos with hidden treasures and the ideal balance of historical and cultural sites. Laos, with pristine nature, the countryside, outstanding natural beauty, adventure will make your riding great. Check in on our website and contact us as soon as possible to have great experience.

2 Days

Join in this soft adventure package around Luang Prabang to experience scenic trekking and hiking area together with many exciting activities. Tourists may have chance to interact with friendly local people as well as...

Hong Nham
Travel Consultant
3 Days

Enjoy a three-relaxing-day adventure into nature and beautiful sceneries in Luang Prabang and explore its ethnic minorities in local region. You also can experience an awesome trekking to small villages and feel...

Huong Le
Travel Consultant
  • Enjoy an ecotourism trip to immerse yourself in the nature and peaceful traditional life in Luang Prabang
  • Have a biking tour to visit a weaving village to see how people make a product by hand
  • Visit some religious sites with great Buddhist monasteries
  • Come to several local village sand observe their life as well as discover on their cultures
  • Experience kayaking and have sightseeing of beautiful sceneries along the Nam Khan River
Experiences :
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  • Cycle from Luang Prabang to Vientiane over mountains, local villages, amazing landscapes and wonderful countryside
  • Discover the enormously rich culture along the way and great natural landscapes
  • Enjoy dazzling sceneries and interact with local people
Experiences :
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  • Wonderful time to gain some knowledge and enjoy interaction with these huge animals in Elephant Camp
  • Visit Lao Khamu and Hmong ethnic villages in the hills
  • Enjoy the swimming pool and jungle atmosphere at Hillside Resort
  • Experience the wild country side of Laos while heading east towards Sayaboury province
  • Admire the fresh nature of lush trees along the road
  • Visit the Kuangsi Waterfalls, one of the largest waterfalls in Southeast Asia
Experiences :
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  • Ride with professional tour guide in full safety
  • Ride to the White Elephant valley where you can see and interact with these huge animals
  • Visit the famous town of Nongkiaw and join in 100 waterfalls jungle hike
  • Discover the countryside and the villages around Luang Prabang
  • Ride on the great Hmong and the fantastic Akha trail
Experiences :
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  • Capture mountainous surrounding scenery
  • Visit and explore enjoyable landscapes and sights
  • Experience culture and history during the tour
  • Have a great time with us
Experiences :
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