Luang Nam Tha

Quick Facts:

  • Location: Northwestern Laos, bordering China to the North, the largest settlement
  • Population: 145,289 people (2004)
  • Area: 9,325 square kilometers
  • Hottest checking and cultural destination in South East Asia
  • Eco-tourism is highly approved by the government
  • Highlights: renting a bicycle to get around to discover the landscapes

Located on the banks of the Nam Tha River, the city of Luang Nam Tha means 'The area around the Tha River'. Luang Nam Tha is the largest city in the province of the same name, in the northern part of Laos. The city has two distinct parts; one which is referred to as the old town was bombed during the 1970s and the new town, six km away and which was built as a replacement of sorts for the old one has most of the trekkers' huts and guesthouses.

The Luang Nam Tha Museum is an example of the later architectural style  which is also known as the Tribal Museum. Inside is a large collection of local artifacts and items of interest on displa , including ethnic clothing, religious artifacts, Khmu bronze drums and Lao- style Buddha images.

If tourists to go insight the beautiful city of Luang Nam Tha, you will have chance to see quiet and peaceful villages of ethnic minorities. People here are very friendly and hospitable. They always welcome you with a bright smile in their face and help you to know more about their way of life and their interesting custom.

To be honest, this tour is a great opportunity for you to mix into unspoiled nature and lovely people.

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