Visa To Laos

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A visa on arrival is usually a tourist visa (good for 30 days stay). Some times business and other type of visas can be picked up on arrival as well provided that you have arranged everything ahead of time and you have letter of approval (or an entry visa number) from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Laos.

Where you can get a Lao visa on arrival?

-          Lao international airports in Vientiane, LuangPrabang, Pakse and Savannakhet

-          Lao- Thai Friendship bridges in Vientiane, Thakaek, and Savannakhet

-          ThaNaleng train station in Vientiane.

-          International land border crossing points.

These are the most convenient way to get your Lao visa. Just make sure you have a valid passport and plan to arrive at one of the Lao international ports of entry where visas on arrival are issued


-          Your original passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity and a blank page for a visa stamp.

-          A visa application form, filled and signed by the applicant.

-          Two recent passport- type photographs.

-          Visa fee


In most ports of entry including the Lao international border crossing points and Lao International Airports (Vientiane, LuangPrabang, Pakse and Savannahet) the Visa on Arrival window is located at the arrival channel (before the immigration window).

Line up at the visa window (don’t waste your time lining up at the immigration window if you don’t have visa yet), get the visa application form at the window and fill it out (if you arrive by plane, the form should be given to you before landing). Then hand it in together with your passport, 2 photographs and the visa fee to the officer, and wait to be called

The visa processing time varies between ports of entry. At major airports or at Lao- Thai Friendship Bridge in Vientiane it takes around 10-15 minutes. Delays are possible in late afternoons, weekends and public holidays at both Visa window and immigration windows at the Lao- Thai Friendship Bridges.

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