Muang Ngoi Neua, Luang-Nam-Tha

Quick Facts:

  • Location: 170 kilometers North-East of Luang Prabang
  • Population: about 800 people
  • Highlights: no road access, only by boat. A primitive town with no banks, internet accesses, landline telephones, refreshing environment.
  • Limited nighttime activities

The town of Muang Ngoi Neua lies 40 km north of Nong Khiaw, along the Nam Ou River. This small town surrounded by ethnic villages has become very popular with backpackers over the last few years. The town is a small slice of utopia, set on a peninsula at the foot of Mount Phaboom, shaded by coconut trees, with the languid river breeze wafting through the town's small paths.

Most common destination when mentioning MuangNgoi is Ban Na village – the village of the rice paddies. The small and peaceful village is also known as the Elephant Village. Tourists will have a chance to watch group of elephants as well as other wild animals bathing, adventurous overnight stay with the villagers on the elephant observation tower.  It is also worthwhile paying a visit to the nearby WatPhabath, one of the more important pilgrim sites of Laos because of its well-known Buddha footprint.Coming to MuangNgoi, tourists will be surprised at the scenery that no cars, motorbikes or even bicycles clutter the street. The district is covered by the chattering ducks blocking your path to the river, the chickens following their young around, and the nattering of people sharing gossip with their neighbors. Many tourists have to exclaim that: “Wow, how cool it is!” .Another part of MuangNgoi’s charm is NongKiaow,a similarly gorgeous riverside town three to four hours' drive from LuangPrabang. Once in NongKiaow, you can stay and explore caves, perhaps staying the night in one of many simple guesthouses.

Among other destinations which include many historical buildings and amazingly beautiful landscape, MuangNgoi brings tourists interesting experiences on truly way of life of Laotians. Tourists will full know about the daily life of MuangNgoi in particular and Laos in common.

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