Khong Island

Quick Facts:

  • Location: southern Laos, the largest island in Si Phan Don area
  • Population: approximately 55,000 people
  • Area: 18 kilometers long and 8 kilometers at its widest point
  • Most islanders live in and around two villages Muang Khong on the eastern shore and Muang Saen on the west
  • Slow pace of life

Khong Island or Don Khong is the largest island, part of the 4000 islands that include the Sii Pan Don area, located right in the south of Laos near the Cambodian border. The island has approximately 18km of the length and 8km of the widest point. With the population nearly 55,000 mainly concentrate in two villages, they are Muang Saen at the West and Muang Khong at the East.

Mostly local people live on fishing but the biggest business here is palm sugar production due to the lagre number of palm trees.

The pace of life on this island is slow and in addition, not many travellers know about it, so Khong island is a great place to relax and refresh your mind. There is a good range of hotels and guesthouses always available for the tourists, who are attracted by the gentle pace of life here.

Khonephapheng waterfall on the island is one of the largest falls in Southeast Asia, it’s a good point for a trekking day tour .And alot of fishing villages along the river bank such as Muang Saen, … to visit and know more about the daily life of local people, a good way for tourists is hiring a boat and sailing around. There are also a number of pretty temples and monasteries to explore on Khong Island, among them Wat Phu Khao Kaew is the favorite one where tourists can visit and talk with the monks to know more about their life.

Khong Island, with its lovely fishing villages, serene monasteries and lush vegetation offers a unique opportunity to experience the peaceful Laotian lifestyle. Many tourists combine their visit to the island with a visit to the nearby Don Det and Don Khon Islands.

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