Laotians Life Style

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Laos is quite traditional and conservative country. Despite globalization and modernization, Lao culture is still profoundly influenced by Buddhism which put effect on Laotians' thinking, attitude and behavior. It can be said that Buddhist philosophies set up the Laotians' lifestyle.

First of all, Laotians respect "Acceptance". Things are as they are and should be.  Why would you wish to try and change this inevitability?  I am responsible for myself and you are for yourself.   There is no need for discussion or confrontation. They accept everything coming to their lives even it is good or bad. They believe that if things are not good at that time, it will get better later. That is the reason why they are really patient and resigned.

Laotians are truly people of heart. It is strongly proved in their language. There are few dozens words which have rooted from "chai" (means Heart) such as khao chai (to understand is to enter the heart),souk chai( to be happy),  chai bolisud (to be honest is to have a pure heart). They are truly and extremely kind-hearted, friendly and helpful.

Amazingly, Laotians have rich sense of humor, perhaps one of richest. Laotians love "small talk", they love listening to petty things in others’ lives. Tourists who think that their life is too boring to talk about will be encouraged to talk and Laotians will make your boring life become a comic just by talking in other ways. For example, a foreigner was purchasing barbecued heart at a small roadside stand and asked what animal it was.  "Human" was the answer.  But the female foreigner, poker-faced responded to the female vendor, "Well I hope it wasn't a male since men's hearts are always much more bitter." "Fighting" with words is an art form among the Lao. 

Overall, peaceful but interesting and joyful lifestyle of Laotians will please and comforts tourists as well as make up “funny stories” in your life.


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