Laos Costume

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Costume of Lao people is very diverse, colorful and sparkling. It reflects Lao people's conception of the natural and mythological world and skillful techniques of weaving and embroidering of Lao women. Laos costumes diversify from different ethnics among which Tai - Kadai Linguistic Group and Austroasiatic Linguistic Groups are the most outstanding. Laos gorgeous costumes is made from silk or yar

Tai – Kadai Linguistic Group, making up 66% of Laos population, can be considered as the representative of Laos ethnics. Tai women brought with them the freestanding frame loom, silkworm cultivation and yarn preparation, and a three-part design for women's sarongs or wrap-around skirts (sinh) while men wear sarongs with blocked or checked patterns. The man's longer wraparound skirt (yao or hang), with its ends twisted together in front, pulled between the legs, and fixed into the waist band at the small of the back, is the product of many months of labor, with heavy plied silk forming both warp and weft. Tai Kadai costumes can be described as works of art with delicate embroidery, bright and colorful, made from natural material which will fascinate the gaze of tourists. Moreover, sinh also reflects the culture, social relationships and beliefs from community to community and region to region. Women in Laos often wear sinh in specific events.

Lao Austroasiatic-speaking groups, making up 23 percents of the population, include include a cluster of ethnic groups that historically had close trade relations such as Katu, Nha Heun, Ta-Oi, and Alak. The Alak in the Attoupeu and Saravane. They often wear katiao, sarongs, and a long – sleeved black blouse with a slight flare at the waist. A particular pattern was woven exclusively for the use of one ethnic group. Their costumes are often decorated with sequins, appliqué, embroidery, or silver coins. A particular pattern was woven exclusively for the use of one ethnic group.

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