Laos Overview

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Located in Indochina, Laos shares border with China in the North, Vietnam in the East, Cambodia in the South, Thailand in the West and Myanmar in the North West. It is a quite small country with the total area of 236,800 square kilometers in which mountains make up two-thirds, the rest are plains and plateaus. The highest mountain is Phou Bia at the height of 2,817 above sea level.

Laos has a long history, experiencing many times of being invaded. Today, Laos is a Republican independent country and proactively integrates with the region and the world. Laos is a developing country which little affected by industrialization and urbanization. Therefore, Laos still remains unspoiled nature and original lifestyle. Laos Population includes various ethnic groups like Lao Loum (68%), Lao Theung (22%), Lao Soung (9%) and also ethnic Vietnamese and Chinese (1%).

Often being known as the "Country of Million Elephants", the "Country of Buddhism", Laos is a great destination for tourists who love exploring culture and religion. It can be said that Buddhism put the greatest effect on every field of life in Laos. There are many amazingly beautiful Buddhism pagodas, temples and monuments in Laos. Being Buddhism followers, Laotians are deeply imbued with the philosophy of the Buddha: honesty, modesty and humility.

With beautiful and unspoiled landscape, amazingly beautiful religious architecture and, many colorful festivals, delicious food, honest and friendly people, Laos is absolutely a great destination for tourists.  

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